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Anil Kumble, Virat Kohli row: Sunil Gavaskar blasts players, says if you want coach who says take a holiday, then you should be out of team

Sunil Gavaskar lashed out at the Indian cricket team after Anil Kumble resigned. (Source: PTI)

Former Indian captain and batting legend Sunil Gavaskar lashed out at the Indian cricket team over the reports that things were not going well between them and coach Anil Kumble that led to his resignation by saying that if players have a problem then they are the ones who should be left out of the team. “So you want softies. You want somebody to just tell you, ‘ok boys, don’t practice today because you guys are not feeling well, ok take a holiday, go shopping’. You want that kind of a person. If somebody is a hard taskmaster and he has got you results like Anil Kumble has got over the last one year. If any of the players are complaining, I feel those players are the ones who should be left out of the team,” he told while speaking to NDTV.

He added that Anil Kumble resignation is a sad day for Indian cricket but said he has no knowledge about differences between Virat Kohli and the Indian coach. “I have very little knowledge about the differences between Virat and Anil. But it is a really sad day for Indian cricket. India have won everything since the time Anil took over. I can’t see Anil doing much wrong in one year. Difference happen in any team but see at the results,” he said.

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Gavaskar said that Anil Kumble must have had his reasons for resigning but should have stuck around for long. “Anil must have had his reasons (of resigning). I would have thought Anil would carry on. Once the CAC expressed their confidence in him, Anil should have stuck around. Hope he will take it on the chin and comes back stronger. But it is the first time a known fighter like Anil did not stand up,” said the former captain. “I know that the CAC met Virat and had a very long session with him,” he added.