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‘Cateye’ makeup hack: Dental floss tip gives you a flawless look every single time

With makeup, as with everything, practice makes perfect. That said, there are a few beauty looks that are difficult to master no matter how much time you put in to perfecting your technique.

The dreaded cat eye is one of them.

Makeup artists all have different advice for nailing popular 50’s look, made famous by Liz Taylor. Some recommend first drawing out the wing with pencil liner (as it’s far easier to control than liquid liner), while others suggest using a liner pen to lightly sketch out the line with short, controlled strokes.

But by far the best cat eye hack we’ve seen so far belongs to beauty blogger Makeup by Sugar, who recently showcased her technique on Instagram. Her hack—which uses dental floss, of all things, as a sort of stencil—promises to deliver a straight, even wing every time.

To copy Makeup by Sugar’s hack, grab your favorite eyeliner and some dental floss (the blogger recommends using floss picks, but your standard-issue spool floss should work, too).

IMPORTANT! Be sure to use unflavored floss for this, as the flavored varieties could cause serious eye irritation.

Use the eyeliner—gel or liquid is best for this purpose—to paint the floss; then, while it’s still wet, “stamp” two lines on the outside corner of your eye to create a small triangle (this will be the wing).

Draw a straight line across your lash line, then use the eyeliner to fill in the wing. If done correctly, the end result will be a sharp, flawless cat eye. If you’re satisfied, repeat with your other eye; if not, it’s easy enough to wipe off the floss lines and try again.

Like any beauty technique, you’ll probably have to practice this one a little before you nail it, but once you do, it’ll save you a lot of time in the morning.

And, lets be real, a few extra minutes to sleep in is all we really want in life.