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Megyn Kelly Reportedly Reaches Out To FOX To Get Her Job Back Due To Dismal Ratings At NBC

Despite being one of the most popular and respected journalists, Megan Kelly is not experiencing a comfortable status in her new gig at NBC. For the past six years, Kelly earned her way to becoming one of the highest rated news anchors due to her show The Kelly Files, often trading the number one spot with former FOX anchor Bill O’Reilly, and current frontrunner Sean Hannity. However, Kelly looked to perfect her skill set of sit-down interviews, and accepted the huge financial offer from NBC.

As a result of her popularity, Kelly decided to move over to NBC and be featured in a number of roles. Most notably, she would get a Sunday evening show, Sunday Night with Megan Kelly, looking to use her momentum from interviewing Donald Trump during his campaign to gain high ratings from other hard-hitting interviews.

Unfortunately, for Kelly, she has not received the same level of viewer support as she did at FOX. In fact, her numbers continue to decline, and panic is starting to set in. At first, Kelly looked to grab some significant ratings after interviewing Russian president Vladimir Putin, particularly since he has been speculated to have ties to Donald Trump and the presidential election.

At state dinner party at Konstantin Palace in St. Petersburg with Russian President Putin and Indian PM Modi. More tonight @NBCNightlyNews

— Megyn Kelly (@megynkelly) June 1, 2017

The interview, however, received a great deal of negative reviews. Vanity Fair stated that even Putin looked bored during the interview, with him even referencing it while they were talking. The Los Angeles Times believed that Kelly was “outmaneuvered,” and her less-than 10 minute interview proved that she is “not a great interviewer.”

These factors seems to be taking a toll on Kelly, as she is reportedly looking to get out of her current role at NBC. Her dwindling ratings does not assist with the matter, as her popularity is obviously decreasing.

TV Ratings: Megyn Kelly’s NBC show once again loses to reruns of "60 Minutes" and "America’s Funniest Home Videos"

As a result of her ratings decrease, Life and Style Mag reports that she has expressed her worry to colleagues, and is concerned with her future at NBC. In fact, it was also reported that she has been reaching out to former co-workers at FOX, including Hannity. However, Hannity has not returned her calls.

While the future for NBC may not look good for Kelly, her years of experience should be enough to land her another lucrative position if this one does not work out.

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