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New leaked photos show the full display of Samsung’s Galaxy S8

This is the Galaxy S8.

Samsung’s big Galaxy S8 unveil is still a month away so, naturally, it’s time for leaks to kick into high gear.

We’ve now gotten what seems to be our best look yet at the phone thanks to a series of new leaked photos from BGR.

The photos show what BGR says is the smaller 5.8-inch Galaxy S8 (Samsung will also release a larger 6.2-inch Galaxy S8+, if rumors are to be believed) and it certainly looks like the real deal. It matches with earlier leaks we’ve seen as well as the latest design render posted by reputable leaker Evan Blass.

Image: courtesy of BGR

Like previous images, the 5.8-inch display takes up almost the entire front side of the phone, which has the smallest bezel we’ve seen on a Samsung flagship to date. The home button is gone, as has been previously reported, and there doesn’t appear to be any Samsung branding on the front of the phone.

The latest image, however, is the first time we’ve seen an actual photo of the phone powered on and it reveals a few new details about the upcoming handset. For one, the navigational buttons sport an updated design, though the overall UI doesn’t look too different.

Image: courtesy of BGR

The volume and power buttons on the edge of the S8.

There’s no sign of Bixby, the company’s long-rumored digital assistant created by Siri-makers Viv Labs, but there is a mysterious third hardware button on one side of the device that BGR says will be used to activate the assistant.

Image: courtesy of BGR

A third hardware button for Bixby, Samsung’s digital assistant.

Notably, we don’t get a clear look at the back of the phone, but previous leaks suggest the back side will be the new home for the fingerprint sensor, which will be placed next to the camera. Also, as with earlier images, the latest photos once again confirm the S8 will have a headphone jack.

While the new photos offer a tantalizing glimpse at Samsung’s highly anticipated flagship, there are still quite a few details we don’t yet know, including pricing, the camera’s supposed image-recognition abilities and exactly how Samsung’s answer to Siri will work.

We don’t have too much longer to wait for the real deal, though. Samsung will officially unveil the phone at an event in New York March 29th, when we’ll learn everything we ever wanted to know about the phone.